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Life as a Scottish Freemason


There is no "typical" life of a Scottish Freemason; we come from all walks of life. What unifies Scottish Freemasons is not where we come from, or what we do for a living, but rather what we aspire to be.


Qualities of a Scottish Freemason


The essential qualities Scottish Freemasons share in their diverse lives are a belief in a Supreme Being and a desire to strive for:


      ~ Fellowship with other Freemasons

      ~ High Moral Standards

     ~ Kindness in the Home

     ~ Courtesy in Society

     ~ Honesty in Business

     ~ Fairness in all Dealings

     ~ A better quality of life for all


Being a Scottish Freemason


Being a Scottish Freemason is about a father helping his son make better decisions; a business leader striving to bring morality to the workplace; a thoughtful man learning work through tough issues in his life and enrich the lives of others.


Throughout a Scottish Freemasons life, fellowship and friendship are key compnents, as well as a sense of community spirit. Scottish Freemasons want to continue their growth as a man to the benefit of their family and community.

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